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Email marketing is a direct marketing way to contact your customer by sending them electronic mails with good quality content. Once you know what is email marketing, you might want to know the outcomes that email marketing can reach. Email marketing can help a business to:

1. Get the customers engaged with you and to build a positive relationship with your customers.

2. Keep the customers updated and informed about the latest information,

3. Advertise your business,

4. Gain more traffic to your website and

5. Boost your sales.

To make email marketing different from the original mass emailing, you should keep the followings tips in your mind when you are doing email marketing.

1. Be consistent. Once an audience subscribe your newsletter, they expect you send something relevant and useful to them on a constant basis. Normally you can do this weekly or monthly.

2. Personalize the email in order to reach your target audience. You may need to know your customers’ preference and history data to personalize the email. This is to raise customers’ satisfaction as they can feel that you know and can provide what they need. Remember to put the name of the customer, this is to show that you do this email specially for him/her, or in other words, it is a personalized and customized email. This also helps to build trust and good relationship.

3. Maintain attractive and clear subject for the emails.

4. Review of the result and analytics, such as the open rate and click through rate. This is to test which email features that you have used work better.

5. Include the link of your website in the email to boost the click through rate of your website.

6. This may sound a bit strange but make it simple to unsubscribe. Just in case that if your email doesn’t match the needs of a customer but you keep sending them the email, they may treat your email as spam and this will definitely bring negative effect to your company’s reputation and image.

7. Make it easy to read and to scan. Only include the key information to catch their attention. Furthermore, you may include some subheadings and short paragraphs to make it easier to read.

8. Do not forget to provide a reward of reading your email. Include a discount code or coupon in every email. This makes the audience want to receive your email and also helps encourage them to purchase more.

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