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What is FacebookFacebook is established by Mark Zuckerberg and Edward Saverin in 2004, two students of Harvard University, as the social network of the university. It started to expand rapidly and soon in 2006, it is opened for all people all over the world aged 13 or above. In the year 2017, Facebook has over 1.94 billion active users. It provides us with a new communication channel with people. Facebook is a free online social networking site, which provides users with an amazing platform to share their stories on their timelines by posting and sharing content. You can “add friend” of your friend’s Facebook accounts which flavours you to get in touch with friends all around the globe easily and without a cost! All you need this the internet. To add with, you can subscribe some public figures’ pages to keep a close eye on them. How to begin? Simply by finishing the easy registration process. You will have to provide your basic information e.g. name, birthday, photo. You can amend the privacy of your personal information that you can make it visible only to specified users.

Here are some functions that you need to know about Facebook.

  1. Newsfeed: This is the first thing you see when you log in Facebook. It shows you the most recent activities or post of your friends and subscribed pages.
  2. Timeline: This refers to your personal timeline, as known as your personal wall. You can update your statuses, such as location check-in, upload image or video, add life event, update your feeling and tag your friend! Also, live video has been available since 2016, which it attracts three times more views than the recorded videos.  
  3. Reactions: You can give your reaction to a post. It is not limited to “like” now, it got “Love”, “Wow”, “Haha”, “Sad” and “Angry” now, making it more diverse. Of course, you can also leave a comment to give a more concrete idea of your reaction.
  4. Messengers: You can send an instant text message and make a phone call or video call to your friends through Messengers.
  5. Group/ page function: You can establish a page or group of a specific group of Facebook users. It could be an enclosed and private one only for you and your friend depending on your privacy setting.
  6. On this day feature: Facebook will remind you of what you have posted or shared on the same date in the past few years.

There are so much more functions and things that you can do with Facebook, for instance, birthday reminder, games and shopping etc… Furthermore, Facebook has become a great marketing tool as an advertising platform now! A company can set up a Facebook page and make an advertisement. This helps lower the advertisement cost and at the same time, provides a worldwide assessment of your audience that helps attract potential customers globally. Never underestimate the power of social media. Stay active on Facebook and bring the best out of this online community!

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