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What is Instagram? Launched on October 6, 2010, Instagram has already ranked the top in App store within 24 hours after its launch. It has been gaining popularity tremendously globally that it has 700 million users in 2017. Instagram is a visual social networking media and a photo/ video sharing tool. We can keep updated of the people that we are following like our friends and family, celebrities, public figures etc… Similar to many other social media network, users have the choice on the publicity of the account. You can either set it to public or private just with one simple click. To make it more accessible, Instagram has established the Web Instagram in the year 2013. However, users can only view, like and comment with Web Instagram.

To start with Instagram, you have to create a free account with your email or Facebook. You will have your own feed, where you have your bio, counts of posts, followers and followings, your post. Here we go a bit deeper of what basic functions are:
The Bio: This is where you provide your information. People usually put down their name, life motto, interest or birthday here. This is to give other people a brief understanding on you.
Posts: Instagram allows users to instantly upload a photo or video to your own feed and we name the uploaded photo and video a post. It also provides us plenty of features to edit and polish our posts. We can also add a caption, location check-in and hashtag with our post. Hashtag refers to “#+ word/ phrase/ emoji”.
Followers and Followings: We name the action of adding or linking to other accounts on Instagram “follow”. Followers are the accounts that are following us and followings are the accounts that we follow.
Like, comment and share: These are the interaction function of Instagram. You can like and comment on a post to show your feeling. Also, you can share the post to another account through direct message.
Direct message: Here is where you can send a private message to your friends.
Instagram stories: Instagram has launched this new stories function on August 2, 2016. It functions like Snapchat. You can upload live photo or video with different lenses and filters.

Social media is always a great channel to boost one’s business. The ultimate goal of Instagram marketing is to generate traffic! The followings are some tips to use Instagram for business marketing.
Feature account: Create a typical account with value, usually related to your business, such as fashion, daily workout ideas, recipe, design etc…
The bio: Maintain a catchy bio. This is where you convince the potential customers to pick you. Tell people more about your business, your product, your comparative advantages etc… You can also include your website to increase the click through rate of your website.
Interactions: Spend some time to interact with people who have left a comment on your post or to like the posts of your followings accounts. This is to show how passionate you are and to help you to change the potential customers to your current customers.
Hashtags: Develop your own set of hashtags. People searching for related posts or accounts can find you more easily.

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