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In digital marketing, a landing page (sometimes also known as a ‘lead capture page’ or ‘destination page’) is a website page that visitors ‘land on’ when they first reach a website. Landing pages are often linked to social media, email campaigns or search engine marketing (SEM) to enhance the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns.

Many companies direct the visitors to their homepage, and they can increase the conversion rate by using a targeted landing page. There are basically 2 types of landing pages.

I. Click-through landing pages are pages that encourage visitors to click through another pages. It is a page that engages the visitors by showing them products and services they might be interested and encourage them to have instant purchase..

II. Lead generation landing pages are used to capture user personal information such as name, interests and email address. The main goal of lead generation landing page is to collect personal information that are useful in marketing or lead nurturing. Typically, the page encourages visitors sign up for free trials, consultation.

Here are some critical elements for a good landing page

I. Page Design
Web owners or marketers should adopt a simple design. Visitors come to your page for some primary reasons, therefore, do not add too many extra elements that will distract your visitors from purchasing or signing up.

II. Images and Videos
It may be a good idea to add some images and videos to your landing page. Sometimes, it is difficult to be explained the product or service benefits in written text alone. Therefore, adding some images or videos can help deliver the product or service benefit to your potential buyers easier, increasing the conversion rate.

III. Word of mouth and credibility indicators
Word of mouth is the most influential technique in marketing. Therefore, company should add some positive consumer comments and experiences, company awards and qualifications in the landing page. This can provide guarantee and make your potential customers more confident in your product, increasing chance of purchase.

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