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what is lead scoring

I have to start this post telling you that lead scoring will help to improve your digital business faster than you think. This is because when we are working our business marketing we usually put the eye on lead generations. But it is a bad point think about to have a lot of leads is the best way to get conversions, in any case, the right point is to get quality leads.

– ¿Quality leads?, ¿are there differents among leads?.

The answer is yes, and to know about lead quality we have to use lead scoring. So, I am going to explain a few things to help you to implement lead scoring since today. Thus, you will know if your data base is a goldmine or just another email listing without value for your digital business.

What is lead scoring

If you are reading this articule I imagine you have your digital business working. Also, I assume you are doing ads to get traffic on your website. After that, I guess you are trying to generate leads through landing pages, forms, surveys, lead magnets, etc. 

So, supposing we are lucky and we have many email we have to respond ourselves the next question:

Are each and everyone lead interesting in our product/service ready to pay for it?.

Obviously not, and you have to know what of them are qualify or not to start a purchase process up. Keep calm, don’t think you will have to remove your “not qualify leads” and just to work with your qualify leads, actually, both are useful but not qualify leads needs a education process than quality leads it is needn’t.

Not qualify leads needs start a lead nurturing process, but this point will be explained in my next articule about how to do a lead nurturing process for your business.

Returning to the subject, lead scoring is a numerical and automated rank about each one of your potential customers depending criteria decided previously. 

The main criteria are based in proximity degree to features like could be the similarity between our lead and our buyer persona, or also what stage of uyer journey is lead right now. So, it is obvius an lead in discovering stage will have a lower scoring than a lead in decision stage.

The main usefuls of lead scoring

a) Depending scoring rank, our communicative strategy have to be different. It’s means that for users (leads) in discovering stage will be the best option offer them content related with learning about they need to know. 

For leads in purchase consideration stage will be better send them content related with how ourselves resolve their problem.

At least, if your lead are in decision stage the point will be try our leads consider us like the best option to resolve their need.

b) Moreover, if we know what is our lead scoring, we know what is the timing to connect and coordinate better marketing and sales departments.

c) To Know ads campaign quality. In this point I want to say that if you are able to measure your lead scoring and its evolution, you will know if your marketing campaign for lead generations are right focused.

Platforms to work your lead scoring

Lead scoring is not manageable for large data and the best option is work on it using any marketing tool developed to do lead scoring automatically.

Currently, you have different solutions like could be MarketoEloqua o Hubspot.

Marketo and Eloqua has been developed for big companies and Hubspot has been developed for medium size companies. In any case, all these companies has done a solutions expensive and not easy to manage.

Neuronalbite brings you many solutions for your digital business, and lead scoring is one of them. Very simple and easy to use, so if you are looking for a lead scoring solution for you website just register here and start now.

The original articule was written by myself in my own blog in spanish version. You can find it here.


What is lead scoring and its most important useful to start work your business with it
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What is lead scoring and its most important useful to start work your business with it
If you are not using lead scoring to calificate your visitors quality in this articule we will explain you why you have to start use it since today.
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