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Magento provides three solutions, they are Magento community edition, Magento Enterprise edition, Magento enterprise cloud edition and Magento, introduced on 17 November 2015. Magento community edition is free of charge and it provides the basic essential tools to set up a small online business. If you are starting a small business with a low budget, Magento community edition is a great choice for you! The other solutions require an annual maintenance fee, which is normally used by the big companies.

You have control on the website layout and features. Front end is the page where the audiences visit and back end (or admin page) is where you manage your page. Normally on the homepage, a company logo, welcoming messages or links are included. A catchy homepage is the cornerstone of your success as here is where you attract your potential customers.

Gaining traffic is one of the main goals of e-commerce, Magento definitely can help you to attain this since it supports SEO, Search Engine Optimisation. Magento itself have already inserted SEO features to its platform. Therefore, page traffic is under efficient and effective control. To further boost the page traffic, Magento supports mobile devices which makes it more easily accessible.

Magento helps business to boost sales and scales up the business. The general manager of Jomashop, Osher Karnowsky said “ We saw our online sales jump up more than 40 percent year-over-year in 2015, largely on the strength of the Magento platform.” This shows that Magento has a comprehensive access in the ecommerce world.

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