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  • What is Pinterest?

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What is Pinterest? Pinterest is a social networking site where users share visually, which means you can share photo and video on Pinterest, just like a pinboard on the Internet. You can create different pinboards with different topics for yourself, for instance, you can open one named “Jeans” for all your fashionable jeans, and another one named “recipe” for all your great cooking ideas. The action of uploading a new post is called “pinning” on Pinterest. After you create a Pinterest account, you can pick some personalised ideas for the Pinterest post that you will see on the board that you can enjoy numerous of post related to your interested topics. It is super easy to find like-minded people on Pinterest since people will pin the posts that they are interested in and they can find each others’ account easily. Similar to much another social networking site, you can follow people’s board, like and comment on other’s posts and, the unique features of Pinterest is that you can “re-pin” your friends’ posts. In August 2014, Pinterest has introduced the direct messaging function, which makes brought the communication into a more private one.


Social medias always work great with business marketing. How can we take advantages from using Pinterest? Here are some tips for using Pinterest.


  1. Build a relationship with the influencers: It takes time to build a relationship with your influence, yet it is totally worthwhile spending time to conduct a closer relationship. Do it by repining, liking and commenting on other’s posts.
  2. Have a business account instead of a personal one: Pinterest has introduced the business version in the year of 2012. The business version provides more useful and analytical functions than the personal version such as the number of repins, visitors, like and comment etc… These data help you to grab more idea about your influencer and your audience. As a result, you can make better marketing decision to boost your sales.
  3. Use rich pins: There are in total FIVE types of rich pins that polish your pin, depending on the field of your pin. For instance, the contact details like address and phone number for place pins and rating, review, the duration for a movie pin. Use the rich pins to make your pin more informational.
  4. Engaging with the audience: Do this especially someone commented on your pin or sent you a direct message. This is one way to build a good relationship with the audience and helps to raise your conversion.
  5. Optimise your Pinterest account with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Don’t forget to include a descriptive file name, alt text and hashtag for your pin. Also, you can insert the link to your website in order to increase the website traffic.


Never underestimate the power of the social medias in marketing. Pin great pins and boost your sales with Pinterest.

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