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SEO or CEO - What I must to do first?

Hi folks!

Maybe everybody know about what is SEO and CRO, but not everybody know which of both concepts works better in a early on stage for online stores.

Many people talk about to do first SEO is the best way to have consistent traffic and conversions in your ecommerce, in fact, it is a awesome marketing channel to get potencial customers. But first of all, we have to give a perfect user experience and to have a conversion strategy, and in this point, focus our early and little resources having a perfect CRO strategy and system will help us to boost our online business faster.

But maybe I am talking very fast and you need to do a review about what is a CRO and conversions. 

What is a CRO?

Allow me introduce you to CRO concept if you don’t know it yet. CRO is means conversion rate optimization. Conversion rate is one of the most important factor for a website, and for ecommerce even more.

In a first time, it’s obvius that for achieve conversion in your ecommerce you will need to have traffic, but if you show your online store with a wrong design and doesn’t focused for lead generations you will be wasting time and resources in SEO that will never take advantage on it.

You have to know that conversion means “to reach a goal that you define previously for your website traffic”, and your website must to have these goals perfectly defined before to start your ecommerce up. It is very important to tell you that a conversion doesn’t have to be sales, it could be other goals like “visit a page”, subscribe to newsletter”, “download a file”, etc. It is up to you what conversions strategy you decide for your business.

Now we get the point about CRO meaning, we have to think how we going to focus our efforts optimizing our website to improve its conversion rate, in other words, we have to achieve that our website traffic does actions what we want it to do. 

That’s perfect, now you know is required focus your early efforts in a good website CRO for your ecommerce before investing resources on SEO,  but maybe you want to know how implementing these conversion goals on your ecommerce, so here you have some options about you can start a CRO system on your website.

How does start a CRO system for your ecommerce?

To achieve success in your CRO you will have a long way to go, but I will do an approach to five keys you have to know in your beggining working on CRO. 

1 – Measure using web analytics

In this point, Google Analytics have to be your best friend, and it is time to learn about diferent marketing knowledges like could be the funnel advertising. There are many other analytical tools, but in a early on the best tool for you will be work on Google Analytics.

2 – Realize split testings

Carry out a/b testing is a perfect way to test over and over again iteratively trying to upgrade your website progressively. Besides, it’s a way to be doing littles changes on your website and to avoid disturb your customers experience navigation

3 – Do your test in landing pages

It is very important don’t do the test in your real website, if not work on landing pages doing diferents a/b testing and changing its call to actions, colours, positions, etc. Besides, it is required define the sample size before start each one test and decide what is the minimum traffic your landing must have to decide if it’s working or not.

4 – Use tools focused in optimize conversion rate

There are many diferents tools to optimize your conversions. Some of those tools are based in create landing pages, funnels, heatmaps, and many other options. In our case, Neuronalbite give you access to an all in one CRO solution. but feel you free to look for any other tool on Internet.

5 – Hire a CRO professional 

In any case, you have this one last option: Hire a CRO professional. It is obvius that no one like them will help you better to do a perfect CRO strategy for your ecommerce business.



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SEO or CRO: What Is Better To Do First? | Neuronalbite
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SEO or CRO: What Is Better To Do First? | Neuronalbite
SEO or CRO. What is the best option if you are starting up your ecommerce and you have low resources?. Here is the answer!
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