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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is a field of computer science. It emphasizes the development of program or machine intelligence that are able to work and react like a human. The ultimate goal of artificial intelligence is to develop computer programs that are capable of performing tasks done by people or exhibiting human intelligence such as problem solving and learning. Speech recognition, learning, problem solving, planning, reasoning are some central activities to be perform by A.I.

In general, Artificial Intelligence can be classified into strong A.I. and weak A.I., depending on the task it is able to perform.

Strong A.I. are computers that are designed to learn human reasoning skills and consciousness. They are able to think logically and perform general tasks just like a human. Strong A.I. does not exist at the present stage because there are no AI or programs that are able to perform human cognition and consciousness. Some scientists predict that strong A.I. will be created within the next decade. In the future, A.I. may develop consciousness and at that time, we can interact with them just like in the Hollywood movies.

Weak A.I. are computer systems that are designed for a specific task. They do not have consciousness and skills like problem solving and learning. A good example will be Apple’s Siri; Siri demonstrates no intelligence and consciousness. It can just operate within a pre-programmed range, for example, if you ask questions beyond the pre-programmed range of the software, it will give some illogical answer. Therefore, Siri is just an example of a sophisticated Weak A.I.

Benefits of A.I.

  1. No human error. A.I. can help us increase accuracy because they are programmed and will not make errors. Job like accounting can apply A.I. to significantly increase the accuracy.
  2. More efficient. A.I. are computers and computers do not get tired, this can increase the work efficiency greatly. For example, A.I. can be used in 24-hour customer service.
  3. Complex A.I. can be used in exploring some dangerous areas like volcano, ocean floor etc. They can overcome the human limitations and perform more arduous work.
What is Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)? What is strong A.I. and weak A.I.?
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What is Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)? What is strong A.I. and weak A.I.?
Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is a field of computer science that emphasizes the development of machine intelligence that are able to think like a human.
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